Data is the new oil

Originally published September 7th, 2013

I spent more than 15 years of my life working with data. Data has always intrigued me. I love it. Cleansing data, analyzing it and finding insights are very stimulating activities. I remember when I first started working on business intelligence in Egypt, one of my dreams was to have access to the mainframe system that stores the ID database and be able to analyze it.

In the past 2 years, I took a more senior role that required that I spend more time on strategy and less time hands on. But I keep noticing that I captured very chance I had to explore and analyze data.

At the same time, the decline in storage cost and the Cloud made it possible to store a lot more data. All types of data, Structured, non Structured and semi Structured data. Big Data made database jobs and Business Intelligence hot again. Right now every company is thinking about or investing in Big Data. There is so much data that the new challenge now is how to analyze it and how to visualize it.

Lately I have been very interested in data visualization. As I was researching, I stumbled upon a very nice TED talk from which i took the title of the blog post. It is very true; Data is the new oil and data visualization is the way to extract it.

Check David McCandless talk about data visualization @

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