I was born in 1974 in Cairo, Egypt. At the age of 2.5 years my parents moved to Port Said, a small city by the Mediterranean. This is where I spent my childhood
and where I attended primary and preparatory school. I started learning French at the age of 3 and English when I was 6.

At the age of 15 I moved to Cairo to attend high school in Collège de la Salle el daher. Collège de la Salle is one of the oldest standing French schools in Egypt. It was established in 1898 and is considered one of the top French schools in the country. I graduated in 1991 in the top 1% of graduating high school students in Egypt that year.

I received my B.Sc. degree in “Control and Computer Engineering” July 1996 from Cairo university, which is one of Egypt’s most reputable universities.

In October 1996, I joined the Information Technology Institute, for a 9-month course providing training for state of the art software technologies.

From October 1997 until February 1999, I was working as an analyst/programmer in Citymax Egypt, a branch for a British company working in the field of software development in the banking and securities sectors. This company was later acquired by EDS.

In May 1999, I started working as an analyst/programmer in Unatrac International, a holding company that owns eight companies in UK, Africa and Asia and is the sole dealer of CAT machines in these countries.

I started in Microsoft Egypt in August 2000 as a SQL Server Technical Specialist. Then in 2004, I moved to Microsoft Canada for a Senior Technology Specialist position.  Following that I moved to the SQL Server Marketing team in Microsoft Corp as a Senior Product Manager in 2008. I returned to Canada to take the Commercial Markets Strategy Group Lead in 2011. Finally I am now the Partner Ecosystem lead for the Power BI engineering team.

Personal Background

Personal philosophy

  • Continuous aspiration for personal & professional growth
  • Striving for excellence
  • Maintain high level of integrity
  • Inspiring others to grow
  • Always supporting & assisting others

Top 5 Strengths: Futuristic, Relator, Activator, Input, Achiever


  • Passion for technology
  • Traveling
  • Reading


Professional Background

Core Competencies

  • Database and Business Intelligence tools and Industries
  • Management, coaching, and motivating marketing and sales teams
  • Deep understanding of enterprise customer needs and enterprise sales process
  • Incubating, launching, and driving increased penetration and sales in developed and emerging markets
  • Data Driven strategic planning, competitive research & Analysis
  • Presentations & Public Speaking

Career Highlights


  • FY14 Compete Best Practices Leader
  • FY13 Outstanding Share Fighter
  • FY09 EBC Rising Star & FY08 Customer Satisfaction
  • FY06 Gold Star & FY05 North America Top Performer

Notable Presentations

  • 2010 Worldwide Partner Conference
  • 2008 EMEA CIO Summit
  • 2007 Microsoft Convergence Conference
  • 2007 & 2006 International Developers Conference
  • SQL Server 2005 Launch in Toronto
  • 2003 Middle East Developers’ Conference Keynote Address